BlackBerry Priv

Universal searching through your device is something a ton of BlackBerry owners love, and thankfully it's available on the new Priv in Device Search. One nifty trick is that you can start a search using just the physical keyboard. We're using that as an example here, but the same steps can also be applied to start a search with Google, should you prefer.

Here's what you need to do.

  • On the homescreen on your Priv, hold your finger down until you see the options appear for Wallpapers, Widgets, Icon Packs and Settings.
  • Tap on "Settings" to open up the BlackBerry Launcher settings menu.
  • Tap on "Typing action."
  • To use either Device Search or Google you'll need to ensure to check the box next to "Start a search."

Now, go back to the home screen. With the physical keyboard begin to type something you want to search for. The first time you do this you'll see an option to use either Device Search or Google as the default for this action. Select Device Search and hit "Always." Now, every time you want to search for something on your Priv just start typing on the keyboard and let the magic happen.

If for any reason you want to go back to change the default action here, you'll need to clear out whatever you set in the steps above:

  • Open up the Settings app on the phone.
  • Scroll down to "Apps."
  • Find either Google or Device Search (depending on which you have set as default.)
  • Tap on the app in the list.
  • Scroll down a little until you see a button labelled "Clear defaults."
  • Tap this and you'll go back to getting the choice as detailed above when you start typing on the home screen.

It's as easy as that. One little tip to make your BlackBerry Priv keyboard work for you even better.