Quick Settings

The main reason I use a BlackBerry is that I want a communication device that gives me the option to do certain things fast and effectively. BlackBerry 10 suits my needs perfectly in this field and a prime example of this is with Quick Settings. With a simple swipe down from the top bezel there's an array of options available here.

If you've recently picked up a new BlackBerry Z3 and didn't realize that you can customise the Quick Settings - you've come to the right place. Like most things on BlackBerry 10 - changing up the Quick Settings is super easy and will allow you to have the settings you want at your fingertips. For example - I never use NFC so why would I want it in my Quick Settings. By following the below guide you can remove or add certain features with just a few quick steps.

How to edit and change the Quick Settings menu:

  • Go into Settings by tapping the Settings icon or by swiping down in the Homescreen and tapping Settings
  • Tap Quick Settings
  • Check or uncheck any options you would like to see in the Quick Settings menu
  • To rearrange the order of them, tap Rearrange. Re-order options as you wish by dragging them, then hit Save

All done. It's that easy and if you're new to BlackBerry 10 you'll find that it's a sweet option to have. If you missed our BlackBerry Z3 review you can catch up here.