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The native Calendar in the new PlayBook OS 2.0 is a great feature. Now we can quickly and easily see our work, personal and social events in one central location.

Within the Calendar application, we have a plethora of customizable options. You can now view your calendars by the usual day, week and month formats and see your daily agenda at a glance. You can create multiple calendars and see them all in one spot. You can easily color code the calendars and use one for personal and one for business appointments. The new "People" tab allows you to see with whom you have meetings scheduled on any given day all without leaving the app. Another great option in the Calendar application is the ability to assign a calendar to each family member and keep track of everyone's activities.

While the Calendar application seemed to give us a few hiccups at first with things like syncing multiple calendars from our Google accounts, great detective work by forums members have provided solutions. Another issue that seems to be common amongst Google account users is the "Attendees" option. If you are syncing a Google calendar that option seems to be missing. After some searching, I ran across a forum post where someone has found a work around for even this issue -- I outlined the process with a step-by-step guide here.

The native Calendar application and other added features free us from using BlackBerry Bridge thus allowing the PlayBook to truly be the stand alone device it was meant for. I'll admit, before the release of the 2.0 software, I usually left my PlayBook on the charging cradle only touching it for reviews or to let my kids play a game. Now I have my BlackBerry Bold 9930 in one hand and my BlackBerry PlayBook in the other.

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