BlackBerry World on a desktop computer

BlackBerry World hosts a wealth of apps, movies, and music, but sometimes it's a lot more handy browsing that content from a desktop computer. The web interface for BlackBerry World is really smooth and clean, plus you can do some pretty in-depth stuff, including remotely installing and removing apps from your device. After installing a browser plug-in, you can dive into My World and see everything that's going on on your various BlackBerry devices. 

Log in

BlackBerry World for desktop 

The first step is cracking open BlackBerry World in your web browser and logging in. It's worth noting that if you're idle for too long, you'll be automatically logged out - for your own security, of course. From there, you'll want to be sure to make sure your current device is selected at the top - this will make sure you're filtering content based on what's available and that you aren't trying to load stuff up onto your PlayBook or old BlackBerry instead of your shiny new Z10. 

Get downloading!

BlackBerry World on desktop

Now you're ready to discover new content that you want for your device. If you're looking for something specific, punch in a query in the search bar in the top right, or browse more casually through the provided app, video, and music categories. Once you've found something you want, just tap the Download or Buy buttons provided. It takes awhile to pop up, so if you're the antsy type, you may want to scan the QR barcode there instead; just swipe down from the top of the device screen in BlackBerry World, tap Scan Barcode, and point the camera at the blocky-looking thing in your desktop browser. Either way, BlackBerry World will pop up on your device with the item opened, and if payment authorization is required, you'll need to type in your BlackBerry ID password. If it's free, it will start downloading automatically. Make sure that you have either PayPal, credit card, or carrier billing enabled on your account. Remote downloading works just fine for music and videos, too. 

Stay up to date

BlackBerry World

Once your phone is loaded up with goodies, the web-based BlackBerry World can also be used to keep tabs on your content. Click the My World tab to see what content is licensed for your current device, and freely re-install, uninstall, and update remotely. 

That's our tour of BlackBerry World in the web browser! Be sure to use it when you're at the desktop anyway - after all, you can get a better look at content at the big screen.