It has been just over a week since the release of PlayBook OS 2.0. An important part of the update was the improved BlackBerry Bridge and the introduction of BlackBerry Remote.

What is cool is the swipe gestures you do on your PlayBook can also be done on your touchscreen BlackBerry phone. So swiping from the top will bring down the options of the particular app you have open and swiping from the bottom will show you your running apps. Even the diagonal swipe gestures from the top corners work on a touchscreen BlackBerry phone. With non-touchscreen devices there are keyboard combinations and other options that need to be used in order to replicate the swipe gestures. As well as that you can actually just use the trackpad to replicate the swipe gestures. For example, if you moved the cursor all the way to the top of the screen the cursor icon changes to a setting icon along with a down-pointing arrow and if you click your trackpad this will bring down the options menu. The same can be done with all four sides of the screen, even the top corners. 

The biggest thing of course is the ability to use the BlackBerry keyboard to type things out making it even more convenient to type out those emails on your BlackBerry PlayBook. The keyboard on your BlackBerry phone can be used to type into any text field so it will very useful BBM chats too (if you have that selected through BlackBerry Bridge). One thing I have noticed is that when typing into password fields is that on your BlackBerry device the text will show but on your PlayBook these will be asterixed out as usual.

Check out the video to see a quick look at BlackBerry Remote on your PlayBook. Visit the PlayBook forums to discuss BlackBerry Remote. 

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