BlackBerry Redactor

One of the coolest additions to the BlackBerry Privacy Shade app was the introduction of the BlackBerry Redactor feature. If you've ever needed to share a screenshot but wanted to hide some of its contents before sharing, BlackBerry Redactor makes it incredibly easy, but first, you need to set it up. Here's how to set it all up and get started using BlackBerry Redactor today!

How to use BlackBerry Redactor on your screenshots

  • Swipe down and tap the Settings gear
  • Tap the pencil icon
  • Swipe up to show additional tiles
  • Long press Redactor
  • Drag icon into the notification tray
  • Access Notification shade
  • Activate Redactor mode
  • Cover sensitive content
  • Tap to change shape
  • Tap Share

Granted, that's quite a few steps to get things all set up but once you have it done, capturing screenshots and obscuring your private or sensitive information from them before sharing is quick and easy! Are you already using BlackBerry Redactor? Let me know in the comments.