Honestly, I don't take a lot of videos on my BlackBerry Z10. I'm more of a picture taking person. For those of you out there though that do take a lot of videos, there's always the issue of what to do with your videos after you've taken them. You can save them to your computer by directly pulling them off or use BlackBerry Link to sync them but of course, you then have to decide what to do with them after that. If you're more of the sharing type, you'll likely opt to offload them directly to YouTube to share with friends and family. Luckily, BlackBerry 10 has that feature built right in and it's all very straight forward to use. Check out the video above to see exactly how it's all done or jump below for the steps.

  • Go out and take some videos.
  • Browse to your videos icon and tap it.
  • Once inside your videos folder, tap and hold down on a video you want to upload.
  • Tap the sharing icon from the side menu.
  • Choose YouTube from the list.
  • Login (you only need to do this once) to your YouTube account.
  • Be sure to 'Allow Access"
  • Once logged in, your video will populate and then you can fill in all the vital information. Title, Description, Privacy, Tags.
  • Tap upload in the top right hand corner, your upload will then begin and offer a progress indicator so that you know when the upload is done.