With BlackBerry 10.1 comes one of my favorite features - Instant Action. Essentially the new keyboard shortcuts for BlackBerry 10, Instant Action lets you perform quick actions instantly using various keyboard commands. While Instant Action is an obvious feature on the BlackBerry Q10 thanks to the physical keyboard, you can also use some of the same actions on the Z10 as well. 

Certain apps like BBM or the Hub have various keyboard commands that can be implemented on the Q10, but you can also perform some actions right from the homescreen on both the Z10 and Q10. 

One lesser known feature is the ability to update your social status on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn with a simple Instant Action command. To do so, simply start typing "twitter", "facebook" or "linkedin" followed by your status, then the specified social network will be updated without ever having to go into an app. 

For example, a Tweet I sent out earlier right from the homescreen by typing "twitter Updating my status with Instant Action is awesome!" on my Z10.

On the Q10 you just need to start typing and you'll be taken to the Instant Action menu where you can send the update. On the Z10 you'll have to tap the search button first (the magnifying glass icon) to get the keyboard up and start your update.

Once you enter your update just tap the button to post and you're done. You can also use this feature to send a BBM, email, SMS or even make a phone call. Keep in mind that as of right now Word Substitution and autocomplete don't seem to be working so you'll have to check for typos and add punctuation on your own. 

Check out the complete list of Instant Actions here