Since the BlackBerry Z10 went on sale yesterday in Canada, the CrackBerry forums and twitter have been a buzz with questions on if and how the Z10 can be unlocked. Unlocking your BlackBerry from its native carrier allows you to use a SIM card from another carrier in it. This is especially handy when traveling - instead of roaming you can pick up local SIM cards. In the case of the Z10, there is a different sense of urgency going on. With the Z10 not coming to the US until March, a lot of eager BlackBerry fans in the US are looking to pick up a Canadian Z10, unlock it, and then use it on their local US-based carrier. 

BlackBerry Z10 Unlocking Instructions

Unlock BlackBerry Z10  

Once you have obtained an unlock code, whether by purchasing it from a third party unlocker or from your carrier, BlackBerry has made it really simple in BlackBerry 10 to unlock your phone.

Step 1: Go to Settings > Security and Privacy > SIM Card

Step 2: Scroll down to Phone Network Lock, and tap the Unlock Network button

Step 3: Enter your 8 digit unlock code, and hit OK.

Voila! You'll see a pop up message saying Network Code Entered Successfully! From there, you can put the SIM card from different carriers into your BlackBerry Z10.

TAKE NOTE: You only have 10 tries to unlock your BlackBerry. If you enter the wrong code ten times, you're going to have a useless phone. So don't do it. Before you enter your code, double check you spelled it right. From there hit OK. If the code does not work, stop right then. 

What US carriers will unlocked BlackBerry Z10s from Canada work on?

If you're on AT&T, T-Mobile and their MVNO's like Simple Mobile and Net10, an unlocked BlackBerry Z10 from carriers in Canada (Rogers/Fido, Bell/Virgin Mobile, Telus/Koodoo, ) will work. 

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