* Update: Ho humm.. my bad. I'm a bit of a dumbass today! So actually, just realized, I guess this method of unlocking when you have the non-native SIM card present was already in OS 5.0. In 5.0 I've always unlocked my devices without having the non-native SIM, so didn't even realize this was the case.  So basicaly, you're in the same boat between 5 and 6 if you have the foreign SIM you want to use. And it's easy either way.  Click here to see the unlock if you want to do it and don't have the SIM. Good to see it done in BB6 regardless. Carry on. lol *

As we mentioned in our BlackBerry 6 Review, RIM made a lot of subtle changes throughout the operating system that all together make for a pretty big change in user experience (going back to OS 5 after using 6 for a few days is tough!). One subtle but welcome change is to unlocking your phone. It's easier than ever in BlackBerry 6.

How to unlock your BlackBerry in BlackBerry 6:

  1. Get an unlock code from your carrier or a company that provides unlocking services
    1. Visit our BlackBerry Unlocking Forum for more info on Unlock Companies 
  2. Turn off your BlackBerry, and put in the SIM card from the non-native carrier
    1. As in the video above, I put a Rogers SIM card into an AT&T BlackBerry Torch
  3. Turn on your Blackberry Smartphone
  4. When the device boots up, you will automatically be prompted for your MEP code that was provided to you by your carrier or the unlocking company
  5. Enter the code, and you're done!! Your device is now permanently unlocked.

If you have a BlackBerry you'd like to unlock that's not on BlackBerry 6 (you're on 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, 5.0, etc.), be sure to visit our previous tutorial on How to Unlock your BlackBerry.

And in case you're wondering why would I want to unlock my BlackBerry? there are a couple of main reasons. First, if you travel a lot -- especially overseas -- you can buy local SIM cards and save yourself some serious international roaming fees. Second, when a new device comes out on a different carrier and it's not available on your own carrier yet, you could buy the device off contract from the carrier who is selling it, unlock it, and run it on your local carrier. Keep in mind here that different carriers use different radio technologies, so you'll need to make sure you're getting a device that will fully work on your carrier (or at least be aware that it will work, but not to the extent it will on the native carrier). 

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