So you’ve discovered the joy of trying out free demo apps on your BlackBerry, and you went a little nuts. You’ve filled up your BlackBerry with demos galore. But now it’s time to clean things up a little. How do you get all that stuff off of there?

There are two main methods for uninstalling software. The first is to connect your BlackBerry to your PC, and uninstall using the RIM Desktop Manager Application Loader. The second is to just remove the application directly from your device.

Uninstall using the RIM Desktop Manager:
1) Connect your handheld to your PC and start up the Desktop Manager.
2) Launch the Application Manager from within Desktop Manager.
3) Click Next on the Welcome page
4) Uncheck the box next to the application you want to uninstall and then click the Next button.
5) Click Finish and the app will be uninstalled.

On your BlackBerry, go to Options -> Advanced Options-> Applications. Scroll through the list and highlight the one you want to remove. Click on it, choose Delete.
Removing applications from your device

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