BlackBerry 10 Hub

With BlackBerry 10 comes one of my favorite features, the Hub. There are many ways to customize the Hub to just the way you like it, one of which includes the ability to turn off the message count.

I, for one, like to see how many messages I have left unread but if you don't care or don't want to see how many are left you can turn this option off.


  • Go into the Hub by swiping up and to the right of the screen
  • Tap the overflow icon (three dots) on the bottom right and choose Settings
  • Select Display and Actions
  • Go to Display Message Count and toggle it to off

Hub with message count        Hub with no message count

You have now turned off the message count in the Hub. If you go back to the Hub you will see it no longer tells you how many unread messages you have left. To turn it back on, repeat the steps above and toggle it to on.

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