How to set up and use widgets on the BlackBerry KEYone?

Home screen widgets are extensions of apps that live on your home screen and give you valuable information like an easy-to-read clock, day calendars, weather updates, control music, and much more at a glance. All available widgets are stores in one convenient place, and adding them to your home screen is a great way to customize the look of your BlackBerry KEYone while also adding extra functionality to your phone.

How to add widgets to the BlackBerry KEYone

  1. Long press on the home screen.
  2. Tap Widgets.
  3. You'll see all available widgets based on the apps installed on your phone. Swipe to scroll through the list.

  4. When you've found a widget you want to add to your home screen, tap and hold.

  5. Continue to hold as you find a place for your widget. If it won't fit on your main home screen, drag it to the edge of the screen to flip over to the next screen.
  6. Once you've got it placed where you want it, release to set the widget.

Depending on the widget, it might take a few minutes for it to refresh with the latest info. You can remove a widget from your home screen the same way you remove app icons.

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