BlackBerry Hub comes preloaded on your BlackBerry KEYone and is the easiest way to setup and manage your email.

Use BlackBerry Hub as a smart way to manage multiple email and social account notifications in one place on the BlackBerry KEYone. When you log in with your Google Account and do the initial device setup that Gmail address will automatically populate in the Gmail app. If you'd rather use BlackBerry Hub just follow the steps below to get started.

How to setup email on the BlackBerry KEYone

  1. Launch BlackBerry Hub.
  2. Swipe from the far left to the right to pull out the side menu.
  3. Tap the + Add Account option at the bottom left.
  4. Under Account Setup input your email address.
  5. Once input, select Next at the bottom right.

  6. On the next screen input your Password.
  7. Default settings will preload under account options. Leave as default or tweak to your preferences.
  8. Scroll to the bottom and tap Next.
  9. You will see text telling you Setup Is Complete!.
  10. Tap the color swatch next to Account Color.
  11. From the presets tap the color you want to be associated with the account.

  12. Hit Done.
  13. Your email account is now integrated into the BlackBerry Hub.

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