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A convenient feature built into the BlackBerry KEYone keyboard is the ability to set custom key shortcuts from the home screen. You're able to assign two distinct shortcuts for every letter key — for long presses and short presses.

Keyboard shortcuts can be used for so many functions: set a key to launch your favorite and most used apps, toggle device settings, compose a new message or email or speed dial a contact.

With 52 unique keyboard shortcuts available to you, customizing your keyboard will save you valuable time throughout your day. The KEYone ships with a number of preset keyboard shortcuts, but it's just as easy to edit those as it is to add your own.

How to customize keyboard shortcuts

You won't find the Keyboard shortcuts menu in the device settings. Instead, they've been included in the BlackBerry Launcher settings, which you can access from the app drawer.

  1. Tap the app drawer icon.
  2. Tap the settings icon in the top right corner.
  3. Tap Keyboard shortcuts. From this menu, you will see the preset keyboard shortcuts along with all the open keys waiting to be assigned.

  4. Tap Long press or Short press at the top of the screen.

  5. Tap an open or existing key to bring up the assignment options.
  6. Tap an icon to set a specific shortcut: Open app, Speed dial, Send message, or tap All shortcuts to see all available options in one screen.

  7. Tap your preferred shortcut for the key you selected. There may be some additional steps to complete setup depending on the apps being triggered.

  8. Give your new shortcut a try!

And that's all there is to it! You can always go back and add new shortcuts or edit existing ones as you see fit.

KEYone keyboard shortcut presets

The KEYone comes with a number of keyboard shortcuts preprogrammed:

  • Long press "A": Contacts
  • Long press "B": Chrome
  • Long press "C": Compose email
  • Long press "D": Add note
  • Long press "H": Help
  • Long press "K": Lock screen
  • Long press "L": Calendar
  • Long press "M": Hub
  • Long press "N": Open in BBM
  • Long press "O": Settings
  • Long press "P": Check call history
  • Long press "S": Search
  • Long press "T": Add task
  • Long press "W": Call voicemail

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