How to set the BlackBerry KEYone Convenience key

Your BlackBerry KEYone can perform a specific action when you configure the Convenience key.

Setting the Convenience key on the BlackBerry KEYone is easy while offering a wide array of configuration options including making it simple to call one of your favorite contacts, open an app, and more!

How to set the BlackBerry KEYone Convenience key

How to set the BlackBerry KEYone Convenience key

  1. To assign an action to the key for the first time, press the Convenience key. It's located on the right-hand side of the BlackBerry KEYone below the volume rockers.
  2. The first time the Convenience key is launched, it will ask you how you wish to set it up offering you several options including Open app, Speed dial, Send message, All shortcuts
  3. Once you have selected your desired action, every time you tap the Convenience key it will launch that action.

How to change the Convenience key set action?

ow to set the BlackBerry KEYone Convenience key

If at any point you wish to change the set action for the Convenience key, you can do so easily by accessing your BlackBerry KEYone settings.

  1. Locate the Settings icon on BlackBerry KEYone and tap it.
  2. Once inside the Settings menu, scroll to find the Convenience key section and tap it.
  3. From the Convenience key settings, tap on Clear. That will remove the set action.
  4. From there, you're free to once again go through the initial process of setting the Convenience key action.

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