Quick access to the camera is imperative and your BlackBerry KEYone comes with a couple ways to swiftly access the camera so you can capture those special moments.

You can quickly launch the camera app on the BlackBerry KEYone by using the hardware keys on either side of the device. The software has been programmed with numerous ways to access the camera, follow this guide to setup some of the most convenient ways to launch the camera and snap a photo.

How to quick-launch the BlackBerry KEYone camera

  1. With KEYone in hand locate the On/off key on the left side of the device.
  2. Double tap the On/off key.
  3. The BlackBerry Camera will launch by default.

  1. Enter device settings by tapping the Gear in the notification tray.
  2. Scroll down and tap Convenience Key.
  3. Under available actions select Open app.
  4. From the list tap Camera.

With that set when you tap the key convenience key just below the volume rocker on the right side of your BlackBerry KEYone the camera will launch. Note that the convenience key will only work when the device is awake whereas the double tap of the On/off key will invoke the camera from anywhere on the device, even if the device is locked.

You should now have two different quick-launch options for the camera setup on your BlackBerry KEYone. Easy right?

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