Ah the sound of a picture being taken. The sound of the “shutter” is designed to make picture taking much less discreet. This is to protect the rights, and privacy, of individuals. It also makes it damn hard to snap a pic of an unreleased product (say a smartphone from a certain company), without drawing attention to yourself. You would then have to resort to an obnoxiously loud fake cough to attempt to cover up what you are doing. Whether you find it annoying or not, the shutter sound is here to stay, or is it?

ToySoft Development Inc came up with an application called SilentCam. As you may have guessed, it offers an alternative (and silent) way to take a picture. This is workaround as it takes a screen shot of the “view finder” rather than taking a picture. The image is captured and saved without anyone being the wiser. Now keep in mind that you cannot alter the image resolution at all when saving the image; however you can zoom in and out of the picture before it’s saved. The image quality will differ, depending on which BlackBerry smartphone you are using. The image resolution will be 640 x 480 on a BlackBerry Bold 9900 but will be a 480x360 on a BlackBerry Bold 9780.


  • Save the screen without the shutter sound
  • Save the System Pictures folder or SD Card folder
  • Save 1 or up to 20 pictures in one take
  • Set the delay between each take
  • Automatically quit the application when finished taking the picture(s)
  • Zoom in and out
  • Set up vibration notification
  • Run the Picture application after image is saved
  • Picture is saved in JPG uncompressed format
  • Easy to use

Other options allow you to quit the application after the image has been taken, change the Auto Focus status (from off, continuous or single shot), or include the date/time in the image. Whether or not you agree with bypassing the shutter sound, SilentCam does work quickly and quietly. Being able to take up to 20 images is a bonus as well. If you do decide to pick up SilentCam, make sure you use it for the forces of good! Have you been in a situation where you needed to capture something bad happening but you were afraid of getting caught by the shutter sound? You can grab SillentCam, for $0.99, from BlackBerry App World. Screenshots of the application menu after the jump

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