When you make a phone call on your BlackBerry 10 device, you may or may not notice there are a set of icons for actions that you can perform during the call. Along with the phone features like speaker and mute, there is also a Notes option. Most people (myself included) have never tapped that icon during a call to take advantage of it, and why would you? If you weren't sure just what it would do you wouldn't want to risk losing the call.

Well just as it sounds, the Notes feature lets you take down quick notes while on a call. It is essentially a shorcut to BlackBerry Remember that will open up a new note during your phone call so you can take down quick notes. 

Maybe you're getting a shopping list from your spouse, directions to a restaurant, instructions from your boss. Whatever it may be, it's an extremely useful feature that I certainly will be using from now on. 

To use it, just tap Call Notes while on a call. After you enter your note, save it. When you need to access it just fire up Remember and it will be there waiting for you. Neato!

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