If you've got a busted screen on your BlackBerry Z10 and you've got the nerves to disassemble it yourself, here's a really great how-to video. It goes through the whole rigamarole of which screws to loosen first and what to pry off (and more importantly, what not to). It's really well-lit, the slower parts are time-lapsed, instructions are made clear through subtitles, and, oddly, it has a not terrible soundtrack. 

Keep in mind that you'll need the right tools to do all of this, namely a pentalobe screwdriver and a prybar. A pair of fine tweezers would be handy too. I've done this kind of disassembly a few times, and though it's a ton of fun, it's also a little bit nervewracking. The bit around 12:39 in this video actually made me wince a bit. When doing it yourself, having concise instructions like these is really helpful. Hit up the source link below for a full step by step and remember this is only for advanced users that know what they're getting in to. 

Have any of you guys taken apart your phone before? What did you need to fix? Let us know in the comments!