One of the awesome features of BlackBerry 10 is BBM Video. With BBM Video you can have full-on video chats with your BBM contacts complete with screen sharing capabilities. While most BBM users know how to initiate a video call from within BBM, one of the lesser know features is that you can also start a BBM Video chat with a contact during a phone call.

Say you receive a phone call from a contact that wants to chat, but during the call you decide you want to fire up a BBM Video call instead. Rather than having to hang up and start a new BBM Video chat, you can start the video call right from the phone app by tapping the BBM Video icon on the call screen. Keep in mind that the button will only be visible when chatting with contacts who are also BBM friends. 

After tapping the icon, your BBM Video call will connect and your phone call will end - seamlessly transitioning from phone to video.

A very cool feature and one of the little things that makes me love BlackBerry 10.

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