One question that we get asked over and over again is how to silence the camera shutter sound on the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10. While there is no way to do this by default on BlackBerry 10, there are still ways to make it happen using a third-party app. 

Often times you may be somewhere and not want to have the shutter sound every time you snap a photo - a theater, museum, college class or even a wedding. For that there are a few solutions for killing the annoying camera sound and keeping your photos on the down-low.

Just to be clear - we're not condoning any creepy stalker activity or government spying so don't get the wrong idea :) 

To silence the camera shutter on BlackBerry 10, you'll need to download a third-party app since the functionality isn't built into the native OS. Thankfully there are a good number available, each with different features that go beyond just muting the camera. 

Any one of these apps will silence your camera shutter, and in addition, some have features like shooting modes, video mode and aspect ratio support, making them feel more like the native camera app. 

Again - we know that muting the camera shutter is a touchy subject at times, but for those that have the need these apps should do the job nicely.

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