Whether you are using BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) on a BlackBerry 10 smartphone, an Android device or an iPhone, sharing your location should be uniformed now that BBM 2.0 has rolled out (with BlackBerry users getting v3.0). Having the ability to not only send your current location to a friend or loved one, but also to decide how long they can view it for is clever stuff if you ask me. 

The feature, which is new for Android and iOS users in BBM 2.0, utilizes Glympse and is perfect for both personal and business users alike. With just a couple of screen taps you can send your current location to a BBM contact so they know where you are at exactly what time. 

When it comes to actually using the feature it couldn't be easier. Here's a quick run through: 

  • From within a BBM chat select the paperclip icon on the left side of the chat box. 
  • Press the Glympse tab that looks like a capital G. 
  • Use the grey tab to glide around the 'G' in increments of 5 minutes - this is how long the recipient will be able to view your location. 
  • Press the 'Send' tab and you're done. 

Your BBM contact will instantly receive a notification prompting them to view your Glympse. They'll be able to view where you are on a map all from within BBM - that is until that clever little timer runs out. 

A wonderful new addition to BBM for all platforms and just one of the awesome new features now available to Android and iOS users. Nice work once again BlackBerry.