foursquare for BlackBerry

In the latest version of foursquare for BlackBerry, you now have the ability to use the included inbox integration. That means you may choose to have alerts from the app show in your integrated message box - a very cool feature for foursquare lovers. Now while there are some notifications you may want to see like friend requests or comments, there are probably some others you don't (like every single check-in). Thankfully foursquare lets you choose between various alerts and pick what you see and what you don't. Keep reading and we'll look at how to setup and manage notifications in foursquare for BlackBerry.

How to manage notifications in foursquare for BlackBerry

From the home screen, press the Menu key then choose Options. Next click on Notification Settings.

Here you have all the notificaitons available to you. You'll see up top you have the option to mute activity which can be handy if foursquare happens to be driving you nutx. 

foursquare for BlackBerry

As you scroll down you'll see a list of various alerts along with two check boxes. The box on the far left is for push alerts and the box on the right for email. Here you can choose for which items you want a push alert (a popup message on your BlackBerry), an email message, none or both. Once you have the boxes checked or unchecked to your liking, just press the Back button to save and that's it! You should begin to see foursquare notifications in your integrated inbox.

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