BlackBerry is known for security and one of the new features introduced in OS 10.2.1 is the ability to lock and unlock your device using a number (0 to 9) and a picture combination rather than inputting in a password. As Kevin demonstrated for us in his guess my picture password post, the process itself is quite simple.

Users are asked to select a specific number and a unique point on their image as their unlock code. In order to gain access to your device you simply tap and drag that number until it lands on the location you chose. It’s that easy to use and is an awesome option to have in lieu of using a device password.  

Believe it or not, in order to use the Picture Password, users should set their device password, if you do not already have one in place. This is to ensure you can still unlock your device should you forget your Picture Password and you can find the directions here on how to do so. Please note that BlackBerry Balance users should disable the Use as my device password in Settings before enabling Picture Password.

Now we have come to the important part, enabling picture password on your BlackBerry handheld. When you initially select this option, Picture Password offers you a choice of 8 images within the application or the option of selecting one stored on your device or media card. For those who store images in the cloud those can be used as well. You can follow the instructions below or take a look at the video walkthrough above.

  • From the home screen, swipe down from the top and tap on Settings
  • Scroll down to and tap on Security and Privacy > Device Password
  • Toggle the button for Picture Password to On
  • At the Device Lock prompt, input your device password

Follow these on-screen directions to setup your picture and number combination

  • Choose an image from the default gallery or your picture library
  • Select a number (0-9) from the grid
  • The number selected will be highlighted on the display. Drag this number to a specific point on the picture (i.e. For this example, I used the button wallpaper and chose the round blue button as my spot) and tap on Next in the upper right
  • You have now setup your picture password unlock combination
  • You will be asked to confirm your selections by re-entering your picture password combination

The only action you are performing is dragging the number to the specific point on the display. You don’t even have to tap on your number, just as long as you move it into the correct place. Picture Password is also a secure method for locking down your device because the number grid changes each time to minimize the risk. Even if you had someone looking at your display, it will be extremely difficult to ascertain what your password is as the numbers and size of the grid varies each time. 

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