One of the most long awaited features of OS 10.2 is being able to set multiple alarms. We've discussed this topic numerous times and I'm sure there are folks, like myself, who want to avoid creating several calendar entries to serve this purpose. My schedule in the morning varies because of work or other commitments so this capability is long overdue for those of us who use our BlackBerry as an alarm clock.

Setting up multiple alarms is a fairly simple process. As with setting the main alarm the steps are relatively the same with a few minor adjustments.

  • Open the clock application
  • Tap on the add alarm icon in the upper right

In this menu you can set the alarm name, time, tone, recurrence, and set the snooze duration. Once entered, they are automatically placed into the BlackBerry calendar.

  • Enter in the name for the alarm
  • To set the alarm time tap on the dropdown and scroll to the applicable hour and minute
  • To set the snooze, choose the desired duration from the dropdown menu
  • To set the specific day(s) the alarm should go off, tap on the Recurrence option and select the checkbox next to one or more days. For daily reminders, you may also tap on the toggle button to turn it on or off
  • To set the audible tone heard when it goes off, tap alarm tone and select from the choices listed or tap on Add Music to use a file from your media library. The volume level is also adjustable from within this screen
  • Tap Save

As the screen only displays one active alarm at a time there are a couple of ways to view or manage them.

  • Tap on the alarm icon in the upper right to view, modify, toggle on/off, or delete alarms; or
  • Each alarm appears as an orange/red dial on the analog clock. By tapping and holding on each one you can adjust the alarm time by dragging it around the clock face

To delete an alarm

  • Tap on the alarms icon in the upper right
  • Long press on the one you wish to remove
  • Tap on the delete icon

So what are you waiting for? Besides helping us wake up in the morning, there are plenty of other activities to set an alarm for throughout your day.