BlackBerry Lock Screen Message

Locking your BlackBerry is very important to the security of the device. We all know that BlackBerry is a secure as they come as far as smartphones go, but if you don't use a password to lock your device then it really defeats the purpose. Setting a lock screen message can be a helpful tool should your device ever be lost or stolen as it will give whoever finds it (or worst case, stole it) important information as to who you are and how to get a hold of you. I have my lock screen message set to display my name and phone number, that way if my device is found I can be contacted easily. Now you obviously don't want to use the same number that is on the device, but instead use an office number, home number or even your spouses number. This could also be an email address or some other way you can be reached. Keep reading and we'll check out the quick steps to get your lock screen message setup.

Setting up a lock screen message on your BlackBerry

From the Options screen, choose Display

Select Message on Lock Screen

Lock Screen Message


Here you can enter your name (or anything really) as well as your contact info or other information.

Lock Screen Message


Press the Menu key, then Save

Locked and loaded!

The details you entered will be shown when you're device is locked using the password lock (for more on using passwords see our post here). That's all there is to it! Now you can feel safe knowing your information is out there should your device be lost so it can be more easily returned to you. 

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