How to set automatic replies for internal and external addresses on OS 10.3.1

When I'm out of the office I always make sure I turn on my out of office rely messages. Normally, when this option is activated on your device, the message sent is what both people outside and inside your organization will see. By default, it enables only the inside your organization message.

For those of you familiar with Microsoft Outlook, you know that it goes one step further and allows users to create a separate reply for both. What this means is that if you created an out of office reply on your device, it required you to either be on Outlook or Outlook Web Access to set up the other reply.

One of the new features introduced for OS 10.3.1, and is applicable for those who have their work account on their device, is being able to set up a specific reply for your internal contacts (within your organization) and external contacts (outside your company). Whether you are in the office or at home and simply forgot to turn it on, users now have the ability to create and send automatic replies for both options for their Microsoft Exchange account.

All you have to do is follow these simple steps.

  • Go into the BlackBerry Hub
  • Tap the three dots in the lower hand corner and select Settings
  • Tap on the email account you wish to create automatic replies for. Note: Not all accounts support this feature. This is for MS Exchange accounts.
  • Turn on Send Automatic Replies
  • There are two fields with which you can type a message. The first box is the Inside the Organization option. It is here you can enter in a message that only those within your company will see. The second box is the Outside of the Organization box. From here you can enter in a message that all outside contacts will see.
  • Underneath each field is the ability to set a specific date range (start and end date and time) for sending automatic replies.

Once you have configured all of the options, tap on the Back button to save your changes.

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