Text Details

Sending a text message to a number from your contacts list on BlackBerry 10 is straight forward. Tap the name in your contacts list, tap the number to text and send away. But what if you want to send a text to a number that's in your call log but not your contact list?

While the option isn't right in front of you, it's still not hard to do. It's a bit more hidden than it should be but once you know how to do it you'll wonder how you didn't notice it before. Keep reading to see how it's done.

  • Tap the Phone icon to access your recent call log.
  • Find the number to which you want to send the text message
  • Long press (tap and hold) on the number, then choose View Call Details from the action menu.

View Call Details

On the details screem, tap Text on the bottom and you'll jump to the compose screen where you can send your message.

View Call Details  Compose SMS

Done and done! If you want to call or add the contact to your contact list you can do so from the details screen as well.