If you're a Mac user and felt slighted that you couldn't take advantage of the ability to run Android 2.3.3 apps on your BlackBerry - this one's for you. While the original method for converting and running Android 2.3.3 apps was really just for those using Windows, forums member rotmistr has come to the rescue for Mac users with a very easy to follow guide of Xsacha's method originally posted here.

We know that BlackBerry 10.2 will be brining an updated Android player with support for Android 4.2. But in the meantime there is a workaround to get some Android 2.3.3 apps running for now.

If you know your way around a Mac and can user Terminal then you shouldn't have any issues converting and signing any Android apps you may want to try out. 

How to convert and run Android 2.3.3 apps using a Mac

  1. Register here
  2. Get two e-mails from Blackberry and download two .CSJ files
  3. Download this DMG
  4. Open downloaded DMG. Copy "Debugtoken request" folder somewhere (Desktop or your home folders are ok)
  5. Drag two .CSJ files from e-mails into "Debugtoken request" folder
  6. Open Terminal, type cd, drag "Debugtoken request" folder into it and press ENTER (make notice to have space after "cd" command)
  7. Type: sh register.sh and press ENTER
  8. Put in your developers password which you should invent and remember for later use when prompted
  9. Put in your developer pin which you've created while registering on the web page in the step 1 when prompted
  10. Put in your device PIN when prompted (in lower case)
  11. You should get the debugtoken.bar file on your Desktop. Drag it to the "Drag debugtoken.bar here" folder in the downloaded DMG and copy Apk2Bar Converter app somewhere.
  12. Sideload your debugtoken to your device.
  13. Run Apk2bar Converter and drag an .apk file onto application window.
  14. Sideload converted .bar file onto your device.

That's all there is to it. Providing you follow the above steps you should be up and running with no issues. Keep in mind you'll have to seek out the APK files you want to convert on your own and after you convert then, they'll be tied to your device PIN and will only run on your device. 

For more help and discussion, hit up the original forums thread below.

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