BlackBerry 10 Restart

That little button on top of your BlackBery 10 phone does more than just put it into standby. If you ever want to turn off your device (buy, why?) or restart it for any reason - that same button is your ticket. While it's great to simply press down to put your device to sleep or wake it up, it also has the super powers to reboot your device or completely power it down. Keep reading to see just how easy it is. 

How to Reboot Your BlackBerry 10 Phone

To reboot your BlackBerry 10 device, press and hold on the Power/Standy-by button, then tap the Restart icon on the bottom

BlackBerry 10 Restart

How to Turn Off Your BlackBerry 10 Phone

If you want to completely power down your BlackBerry 10 phone, you can do that too. Simply press and hold the Power/Stand-by button until the device counts down and powers off. To turn it on, press the Power/Standy-by button again.