Ok, now this BlackBerry 10 tip is just way too cool. I just discovered you can restart the BlackBerry 10 Hub using a super awesome five swipe gesture. It's kind of crazy, but it absolutely works.

From within the BlackBerry Hub, all you need to do is swipe down on the right corner of the display five times in a row. After the fifth swipe the BlackBerry Hub will restart. Confused? Don't believe me? Watch the video above to see it in action, or if you have a BlackBerry Z10 try it out yourself.

So far in my time on BlackBerry 10 I have never had an issue with the BlackBerry Hub where it would require me to restart it. Though with so much going on in the Hub I'm sure it's *possible* that things could glitch up, and since the Hub is an always-open app that cannot be closed like other apps on the phone, having a way to restart the Hub without having to restart the phone just makes logical sense. Have a secret awesome gesture like this definitely beats having to pull the battery. Odds are you'll never really have to use it. My guess is this feature was more of a necessity when the BB10 was being developed, and was just left in there as a little Easter egg for all us CrackBerry types. 

The more I use the BlackBerry 10 operating system, the more I'm finding it's full of shortcuts and surprises like this that make me love it all that much more. Spread the word!