BlackBerry 10 Carrier Wallpaper

Your BlackBerry 10 device comes preloaded with some fancy images you can use for wallpaper, and in addition to being able to add your own images, you also get a carrier wallpaper. The carrier wallpaper is determined by your carrier (obviously) and based on the SIM card you use in the device. If you happen to lose track of the carrier wallpaper when changing things up -- don't worry because you can easily get it back in no time at all. Keep reading to see how it's done.

  • Tap the Settings icon, then choose Display
  • Tap the Advanced icon on the bottom menu
  • Tap the Reset to Carrier Wallpaper button 

Carrier Wallpaper

You won't see a confirmation, but if you exit back to your home screen you'll see the wallpaper back to default (plain gray for Rogers in our case).

That's it!