How to request higher quality photos via BBM

I like being able to share a photo easily through BBM. Snap a picture, then share to a BBM contact. It's quick and easy. It's my preferred way of sending a picture I took on one of BlackBerry devices to another one.

However, if you've ever sent a photo via BBM you'll notice that the quality of the photo degrades. But did you know that you can request for a higher quality version of the photo? That's right you can get the photo in all it's original quality. It's quick and easy to do too.

Request a higher quality photo via BBM

  • In the BBM chat you were sent the photo, tap and hold the photo
  • An overflow menu pops up on the right, tap HQ
  • A request is sent to the sender, once they accept the higher quality version will be sent

Request HQ pictures via BBM

That's it, easy peasy. No get sharing more pictures via BBM. You can check out more BlackBerry 10 tips, tricks and how-tos in our BlackBerry 10 Help section.

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