The BlackBerry KEYone has an awesome launcher by default, but one of the fun things about Android is that you always have the option to change it up should it not be to your liking. There are literally hundreds of launchers for the choosing — each one having its own set of features that makes it unique.

How to Change the Launcher on the BlackBerry KEYone

  1. Start by searching the Google Play Store for your new launcher. There are plenty to choose from, some of the most popular being Nova Launcher, Action Launcher 3, and Evie Launcher.

  2. Once you've located the launcher you want, tap Install from the Google Play Store (or tap the price to buy it if it's a paid app).

  3. Once installed, swipe down from the top of your home screen and tap the gear icon to go to the settings screen. Note: In many cases after installing a new launcher you can set it by tapping the home button, tapping the launcher name, then choosing always. If so then ignore the following steps — you're done!

  4. Tap Apps, then tap the gear icon on the top right.

  5. Tap Home App and choose your newly installed launcher.

  6. Tap the home button and you'll be taken back to the home screen with your new launcher ready to go!

Now, there may be a bit of learning curve for your new launcher, but take some time to get to know it. Most third-party launchers let you use custom icons, change your home screen layout, setup shortcuts & gestures and much more. if you wish to manually change launchers, that's possible as well.

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