Prior to BlackBerry 10.3 we didn't have much control over our Active Frames. You would open up apps and once in their Active Frame state they would sit there with the most recently used in the top left corner. Things have moved on now and BlackBerry 10.3 gives us more control - which will please many users.

As you'll see from the above video, BlackBerry 10.3 allows you to rearrange the Active Frames into any order you wish. Just perform a 'long hold' on a frame and then drag it to where you would like it - simple.

I can remember back in the early days of BlackBerry 10 thinking to myself that I wish I could have the Active Frames where I wanted them, but like all things in life you soon get used to the way things are.

Now things have gone the opposite way and it's a nice touch to have, although once again it's taken some getting used to. I tend to usually have the same four or five applications open so now each one has it's own specific spot on my display - not that I have OCD or anything!

A while back we ran a poll asking if BlackBerry 10 users kept apps open as Active Frames or not and the results were in favour of closing apps when not in use. I wonder if things will differ now we have 10.3? Thoughts?