Note Remember

We've previously covered how quick and easy it is to update your Facebook status or send a tweet with BlackBerry 10 and the same applies for saving a note to the BlackBerry Remember application. 

You don't need to open the app to do this - it's all done very cleverly from the superb search options we have built into BlackBerry 10.

For us folk that like to be productive and get things done with the shortest amount of effort this is one of the places where BlackBerry 10 really shines. 

To quickly add a note to the Remember app simply follow these steps: 

  • Hardware Keyboard users - Just type the word 'note' followed by the spacebar and the words you wish to save.
  • All-touch users will need to first press the search icon at the base of the display and then type the above.
  • Once you are happy with the text you have written just hit the save tab and the note will be imported to the Remember app.

The same applies for adding a task to Remember - just follow the above steps but type the word 'task' instead or 'note'. It doesn't get much easier than that. Once again - another example of how fast and fluid the whole BlackBerry 10 experience can be.