Device Monitor

The Device Monitor which is built into BlackBerry 10 is a valid source of information when it comes to viewing how your BlackBerry is performing. With instant access to Battery Performance, CPU, Memory and Storage - seeing what apps are using up the most space or battery can be just a swipe and a tap away. 

The easiest and quickest way to access the Device Monitor is to add it to your Quick Settings which you'll see when you pull down from the top bezel on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. The beauty here is that what you have in your Quick Settings is totally customizable - not only with what you see, but also you have the ability to rearrange there order - meaning the things you use most can be where you find them easiest to tap. 

Here's how to get Device Monitor into your Quick Settings:

  • Select settings (pull down from top bezel)
  • Open Quick Settings
  • Tick Device Monitor 
  • You're then good to go

So as you can see, once again, BlackBerry 10 is perfect at allowing us to perform tasks in the shortest time possible. I suspect that's why most of us are BlackBerry users after all.