With this morning's BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha update, BlackBerry World (aka BlackBerry App World) now lets you preview both music tracks and movies, Unfortunately there is still no option to purchase them at all (hopefully that isn't too far off) but you can watch movie trailers all day long for now. BlackBerry World will not only house apps and games for BlackBerry 10, but also music and movies (hence the "World" title). Everything will be tied back to one BlackBerry ID so there will be no more separate app and movie/music stores. Very cool.

To preview media in BlackBerry World - just find a movie you want to check out, tap on it then hit the Preview button in the bottom bar. Your prevew will play and that's that. Same goes for music tracks - find what you like, tap the track and it will play a short preview. I was pretty pumped to discover the previews today and have been playing around watching various movie trailers all morning. The picture on the Dev Alpha is pretty awesome and it just makes me want MORE BlackBerry 10!!

Check out the video above for a quick demo, then let us know what you think in the comments!