Back in November last year (2014) we ran a poll to establish how many BlackBerry 10 users were taking advantage of BlackBerry Blend. In those early days of the software, Blend was only available to users that were rocking either the BlackBerry Passport or P'9983. Things have progressed nicely since then, including Blend being updated to version 1.2 very recently and with a lick of fresh paint it works like a dream.

The results of the poll last time were pretty unanimous, with over 65% of voters venting their frustration and selecting our option of "Stop asking me questions and tell BlackBerry to enable it for more devices!" This time around we thankfully don't need to include that option in the poll so the results will clearly be very different and should give us a real understanding of how popular BlackBerry Blend actually is.

I realize that many BlackBerry users don't spend much time at a PC or Mac and that makes sense as the BlackBerry enables us to have an amazing productivity tool with us all the time. But for you folk that either spend the day sat at a desktop at work, or in the evening when you're home, hit up the poll and let us know if you're a fan or not?