If you're a BlackBerry Passport owner or P'9983 owner, you have access to BlackBerry Blend, the awesome application that brings content on your BlackBerry such as files, calendar entries and conversations to your computer and tablet securely. I use it every single day, even though my use cases, thus far, are arguably small compared to others.

As I write blog posts or post in the forums, BlackBerry Blend is always running on my computer so I never really need to pick up my BlackBerry in order to know what's going on, what BBM's may have come in, what has been posted to some of the groups and BBM Channels I follow and of course, my emails are right there. In fact, I don't even run an email app on my computer anymore because my BlackBerry gets them faster, and Blend lets me take action on them instantly.

That's how often I use it and how I use it. But, what I'm wondering is how often are you using BlackBerry Blend and what are your use cases for it? How do you use BlackBerry Blend? Hit the poll below and let me know if you're using it and drop some comments and share with us how exactly you use it. Also, check out this new promo video the folks at BerryFlow spotted.

h/t: BerryFlow