"NoiseHush NX22 Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones - a modern take on a classic design. "

In Short:
"The music stays in and the noise stays out"

Should I Buy?
"One of the most comfortable pair of headphones on the market"
NoiseHush NX22

The wired versus wireless war has been raging for years, with my ears being the battleground. The major players have always been comfort, sound and functionality. For the longest time, I’ve been sporting the ear bud design. They’re lightweight and subtle. Now perhaps it’s the fact that my ears are oddly shaped, but I could never find that perfect fit- they kept popping out. The Bluetooth option intrigued me, as it provided a greater range of movement (zero chance of whiplash or strangulation while dancing). With the lack of wires, came the added responsibility of making sure they were charged – which I often neglected. After checking out Jared’s review of the NoiseHush NX26, I fell in love. Not with Jared (mind you, I hear he’s a great guy), but with what the large headphones had to offer. I decided to check out a pair of NoiseHush NX22 Hi-Fi stereo headphones to see if they, and my colossal cranium, were a perfect fit.

The Review

The term Hi-Fi (or High Fidelity) is a long used term by audiophiles and “regular folk” as an accurate reproduction of the original sound – capturing each tone as it was originally played. It differs slightly from HD (High Definition) which presents a more immersive, or surround, sound rather than strictly copying the original sound.

NX22 sound

The NX22 has neodymium magnet drivers to deliver satisfying sound. The result is a crisp replication of sound with a defined bass, that isn’t overpowering. The volume wasn’t considerably high with the NX22, but with the over the ear design, and encompassing ear cushions, the external noise was greatly reduced. This means that I can enjoy listing to music, playing games or checking out podcasts without cranking up the volume in order to drown everything else out. For someone with an eclectic taste, I did find the NX22 to be sufficient to listen to anything from Sunset Boulevard to Evanescence to Imagination Movers. It was excellent, and consistent performance.

NX22 Mic

As far as calls went, the built in microphone with function button made it easy to answer them. The microphone is designed to help filter out external noise; thereby keeping the person on the other end unaware that you were just rocking out.

I have never had an over-the-head headset fit so comfortably! The layout of the NX22 is different from the NX26. A fixed band connects between the two ear pieces. Below this is a spring loaded headband with a cushion for a comfortable fit, without being too snug. Like the NX26 the ear cups tilt up and down, based on your head shape and still sport a comfortable cushioning. Unlike the NX26, the earcups also pivot to the front and back. This makes it quite easy to find the perfect fit.

NX22 comfort
NX22 comfort 2

Without feeling squeezed or my ears getting hot- I could wear these headphones for hours on end. Now despite all of these moving parts, the NX22 feels very solid. The ear cups will not easily pry away from the band, nor does the band fell as though as it will snap if stretched too far. Even with the added bulk, the NX22 is only slightly heavier than the NX26 and still feels lightweight. The base of the wire is also slightly flexible and feels as though it won’t let it go without a fight. You have 5.7 feet of wire to play with, so you can easily sit on the couch and prop up your Playbook on your coffee table to listen to music or watch a movie.

The design itself is awesome. I love the old school look of the NX22. Anyone who wears them will look cool.

NX22 model

…well, almost anyone.

NX22 Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones
by NoiseHush


  • Comfortable, lightweight and durable – the NoiseHush NX22 beautifully capture the old school look, with the new school demands. It’s a fantastic headphone to use no matter the situation.


  • Not everyone is a fan of Hi-Fi and may want to look elsewhere if you are looking for Hi Def. Despite the lightweight feel, there is definite bulk.

The Bottom Line

The NX22 will be my new favourite pair of headphones for a long time. You will easily agree with me when I say there’s quality in its build and in its performance.

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