PlayBook Storage  

The BlackBerry PlayBook was really the first time we saw a BlackBerry model with different storage sizes. Before that, the internal storage was the same for a device series and only with the addition of a memory card could memory be added. With BlackBerry 10 however, there is a chance we'll see different internal storage sizes like the PlayBook - 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. This would give you the option to choose your base storage size depending on your needs, so if you're a media junkie you can go all out, or if you just want the basics you can choose that route as well. While this isn't confirmed yet, it's a good possibility we'll see the BB10 devices in various models/sizes.

Our question today is this - how much internal storage is "enough" for you? 8GB? 16GB? 64GB? It all depends on what you store on your device as far as media, documents and apps, but what do you think is a good number? Let us know in the poll above how much is enough and sound off in the comments with your reasons why. 

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