There's nothing worse than getting your monthly carrier bill and finding out that you've exceeded your data allowance and now have to part with some extra cash to cover it. Luckily with BlackBerry 10 you can easily keep an eye on the amount of data you use and can also be notified when you're getting close to your limit - nice!

Each year carriers tend to give us a greater allowance of mobile data which is all well and good, but to coincide with it, the amount of data that us mobile users get through also increases as we stream music, video and utilize cloud storage just to name a few. In the past, us BlackBerry users maybe didn't get through the same volume of data as our Android and iOS buddies, but that's very much now changed.

Sure, some users will have unlimited data plans and won't have to worry about data usage, but the majority will have a cap, whether big or small. So why not take two minutes to set up the data monitor and have one less thing to worry about?

Here's how:

  • Open Settings

  • Select Data Management

  • Select the blue text under the words 'Data Usage Notification Settings'

  • Enter your required data allowance, early data limit notification and monthly reset date

And you're done. A simple adjustment to your BlackBerry, but possibly a big weight lifted from your shoulders.