With BlackBerry 10 there are plenty of changes within the email application. Aside from all the visual differences, there are a lot of functionality differences as well.

One thing you may notice that appears to be missing is 'Mark Prior Read'. If you get a lot of email on a daily basis, this is most likely one of your most used options in your email menu and as such, it might seem like a glaring detail to be overlooked in BlackBerry 10. Truth be told though, it's not missing -- it's just a little bit tricky to find.

Mark Prior Read isn't totally gone in BlackBerry 10, it's just a bit hidden. To mark prior items as read, perform the following steps:

Tap an hold on the date when in the Hub

Mark All Read On BlackBerry 10

Choose Mark Prior Read from the Action Menu

Mark All Read On BlackBerry 10

Tap Yes to confirm

Mark All Read On BlackBerry 10

That's it! Your previous items will be marked as read all at once.

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