By default, the BlackBerry Hub+ Inbox offers you a list of suggested contacts when you send a new email or compose a new message. Unfortunately, if you're not paying attention, that list tends to get a bit clogged, filling up with auto-mailers and other addresses and numbers you've never really interacted with. Here's how to clean things up a bit and removed unwanted suggestions!

How to manage Suggested Recipients in the BlackBerry Hub+ Inbox

  • Open your Contacts app. Tap the Settings gear icon in the top right.
  • Tap Contacts Management.
  • Tap Manage Suggested Recipients.
  • Tap the contacts you want to remove from the list. You can also see a list of contacts you've removed, and tap to restore.

Now, all those addresses from mailers and such that you will never have a back and forth conversation with will no longer show as suggested recipients, making it easier and faster for you to communicate with those you really need to.

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