It's an exciting day in CrackBerry land, with BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 officially now here and beginning to rollout around the globe on multiple carriers.

After waiting a long time for this update to get released, I couldn't help but notice this morning that the update itself is taking a while to download. So far, out of my BlackBerry Z10, Z30, P'9982 and Q10, it's only on the Q10 so far that the update showed as available after manually checking for updates (Settings > Software Updates > Check for Updates).

After hitting the download button, over an hour later I'm still only at 80% finished downloading the 645MB update (note, file size seems to vary between people a bit).

In other words, it's taking a while. Other members of the CrackBerry team are experiencing the same sort of lonnnng download process.

I'm expecting this will be the norm for everybody out there, but figured it wouldn't hurt to check in with the community, so you know what you're getting into before you start the update.

If you have received the update and downloaded it, how long did it take?! Let us know in the comments!