Z3 Battery

If you're already a BlackBerry 10 user then you'll more than likely know how to quickly view your battery percentage on your device. But for new users of the BlackBerry Z3 this is really just a quick heads up tip.

Prior to OS 10.2.1 being released we had to jump into the settings or have a third party app running which may display your remaining battery in the Active Frame. Not anymore though, as the OS update included a way to peek at your battery with one swift gesture.

How to instantly view your remaining battery percentage with the BlackBerry Z3

  • To do this just grab your BlackBerry Z3 and swipe up from the bottom bezel. For as long as you keep your finger/thumb in that position the battery icon will turn from the standard icon which is a diminishing battery meter to show you the actual percentage in numbers.

It doesn't get any easier than that. The feature is certainly not the most exciting within BlackBerry 10 but it sure as hell comes in handy in this day and age where more of us are using our smartphones do manage our lives.