This is what I call an environmentally friendly blog post, as it has been made from recycled material :-)

Back in October we posted a BlackBerry 101 Lecture on How to Install a Media Card into a BlackBerry, specifically one that does not have an externally accessible media card slot (at that time no BlackBerry smartphones on the market did). With the Pearl "2" and BlackBerry Bold having external media card access (we'll forgive RIM for the 8330 not having this) I was certain the days of having to pull the battery out of the device to access the media card were long gone.

If the latest rumors on the BlackBerry Thunder prove to be true, then it looks like I'm wrong as the Thunder's MicroSD card slot will be tucked away under the battery. It's annoying, but it does make for a "better looking" device. And if these MicroSDHC cards up their way to 16 gigs, you at least won't have to swap it out that often.

This being the case, and with many new BlackBerry Curve 8330 users finding their way to, it seems an appropriate time to re-run the How To Install a Media Card Into a BlackBerry video above. The video has nearly 30,000 views on YouTube and I still receive one to two Thank You emails a week for putting it up there, so I know there are at least a few new-to-BlackBerry users out there who will appreciate this.