If you're new to OS 10.2 you may be having trouble getting up and running with Instagram. There are a bunch of OS 10.1 users that are making the jump to an official 10.2 and have been experiencing issues trying to get Instagram working again. Not to worry - there are actually a few ways you can get a new version working on OS 10.2 with just a little effort. The methods have been floating around the CrackBerry forums for a while now, but if you're just getting started with 10.2 you may now know about them. 

The method outlined here is the one that is working for most users on OS 10.2. It takes a bit more effort than normal but it should get you going. Some users are reporting that the debug method also works and some have had success using an unlocked Android runtime. Sideloading isn't an exact science so just keep hacking if you're having trouble -- hopefully one of the methods can get you Instagramming again. 

Here's the best route for installing Instagram as posted in the forums by Samxodemon:

  1. Unzip the package (download link below) -- you'll get 2 files for Instagram including version 3.4.4 and version 4.1.2.
  2. Install version 3.4.4 FIRST. Do not install them together.
  3. After finishing installation of 3.4.4, run it without signing in. Then, close it.
  4. Install version 4.1.2. You'll see two icons for Instagram. Whichever you open, they'll both get into the same latest version.
  5. Keep all these two icons on your device (you can move one to a folder or out of the way if you want, just don't remove it)

That's all there is to it. If you follow the steps above you should be good to go. If you still have issues you can hit up the forums for more help.

Download the files here
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